Summit Debate brings the best coaches from across the county right into your classroom or home. Our One-on-One coaching program is an excellent way for students to get more coaching time with a top tier instructor. We offer hour sessions in LD, PF, Interpretation, Extemporaneous Speaking and Oratory. Need help before a big tournament? Simply want someone to help you get started in the right direction? Looking for someone to help you envision a new direction? Summit Debate Online is for you.

Our service is not limited to competitive speech and debate. Some of our clients use this opportunity to work on class projects and presentations, interview practice for college admissions and so much more. Check out our list of Speech and Debate experts to find the right one for you and contact us to schedule an appointment. 


Transform Your #ReachForTheSummit


transform Your discussions

From Debate to Interpretation, we can build a study group to fit your needs.  Study groups can meet once a week and can feature different topic chosen by the moderator.  Examples of Interpretation topics could include: alternative performance styles, character development techniques, new play discussion, current trends in competitive interpretation.

Transform your growth

Every member of our team teaches at our summer institutes where they deliver lectures based around different areas of content.  These lectures are an excellent compliment to any individual or team practice. Some of the lectures come straight from our summer institutes, while others have been specifically prepared for you.

Transform your practice rounds

Summit Debate Online offers students and teams the ability to do practice rounds with other participants no matter where they are. In addition to hosting online practice rounds, Summit Debate Online also offers a NDF staff member to judge the round. Discussion after the round is also included. This is not only a fantastic way to get more practice but to receive feedback from current judges from across the country. 

Transform your topic analysis

With each new topic in LD and PF, our team can assemble a bibliography for participants that will be the basis of a topic analysis that can be prepared for you or your team. This approach allows participants to discuss the information that is presented with our staff as moderators. Why simply read a brief? A Summit Online Topic Analysis is a must for debate students.


Summit Debate Instructors can help you #Reachforthesummit

Summit Debate Online instructors travel the country giving their message.  Dario Camara and Jenny Cook attended the National Speech & Debate Association National Education Conference to present their session:  'Using Extemporaneous Speaking Strategies to Elevate AP Writing Scores in AP History and AP English."

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Photo credit: National Speech & Debate Association